Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Mbona Tusibonge?" in Denmark

An Action member giving a presentation to Danish Students
For one and a half weeks now, four of the Action Inter-Ethnic Youth Dialogue and Peaceful Reconciliation Project have been in Denmark for an exchange visit that included an exchange programme with the Danish Agents for Change, present the concept “Leadership Without Positions” to the Danish schools and exchange ideas on the possibility of coming up with an international youth volunteer programme under SustainableEnergy. The visit, which was organized by SustainableEnergy, has been one of the major stories of change witnessed in the peace initiative started in Kibera in the last two years.

The Action members, upon landing in Denmark, attended a two day seminar where both the Action members and the Danish Agents for Change were taken through steps of making a joined presentation for the benefit of their audiences. In the process of learning, the session further buttressed the role of change agents, basically out of the work the two are doing in the community. While the Danish Agents for Change work on the effects of climate change in which they advise people to produce only what is important for consumption,  the Kenyan team has been involved with a successful campaign communities co-existing peacefully in Kibera using dialogue as a tool and creating awareness in the importance of voter education.

Several schools were visited in Denmark between these times. The Kenyan Delegation took it upon them to carry out elaborate stories of change, addressing the situation as it is in the Kenyan state. The little that the peace ambassadors have pulled together in their work was evaluated as a means of consolidating changes in the society. At one time, the teachers audience in Denmark was impressed that the world has come to the realization of what it can do to itself; a fact manifested by the two different cultures and backgrounds fusing into one to form a working partnership in Denmark. The major message being that people can do something within their means to effect changes wherever they are.

Story By:
Ramogi Osewe
PMC Member
This project is funded by The European union