Our Vision and Programs


To ensure that peace and harmony prevails in Kibera informal settlement before, during and after the 2013 general election in Kenya. 

Project Structure and Programs
  • The Kibera youth groups' representatives have been trained as 'Voter Ambassadors.' The Voter Ambassadors have been trained on the constitution, leadership and confliction resolution and peace building.
  • These Voter Ambassadors have designed and assumed leadership in managing and implementing the project. 
  • There are three core areas of the Action Inter-Ethnic Youth Dialogue and Peaceful Reconciliation Project. 
    1. 30 Peace Events- These events range from public peace debates focusing on youth, women, disabled, elders, religious leaders, matatu touts, meeting barazas and other community groups, political aspirants peace debates, and political parties' peace agenda meetings.
    2. 5 Major Events- These events range from good governance music festivals, a post-election good governance music festival, a good governance sports festival, a pre-election conference, and a post election conference. 
    3. 60 voter seminars- In Kibera, seminars will be conducted by the voter ambassadors to raise the level of consciousness and shed more light on the need for peaceful co-existence, the role of the ICC and the voting process as a civic duty to the people of Kibera. 

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