Many questions arise when discussing peace and the election. The basic is: Mbona Tusibonge?

Sustainable peace is much more than involvement in transient peace initiatives. First and foremost it is recognizing the needs and well-being of your neighbors regardless of their origin. Reach out! It requires real sustainable dialogue across ethnic lines. And most importantly, sustainable peace takes each and every citizen participating in society and demanding peace! Seize this opportunity--talk to your neighbour. Now is the chance to create sustainable peace in your neighbourhood. Remember there is another option than violence--the peaceful and democratic way!

Who we are
Inter-ethnic Dialogue and Peace is a peace project funded by the EU and works in collaboration Umande Trust and SustainableEnergy to work with youth in Kibera. Our philosophy behind the project is that by breaking down prejudices, encouraging dialogue, and giving the right tools to citizens and youth, our participation in the election process will be peaceful and avoid a violent ending.

Violence has been part of Kenya's electoral processes since the restoration of multi party politics in 1991. However, the violence that shook after the 2007 General Election was by far the most deadly and the most destructive violence ever experienced in Kenya. Hundreds of people died in the Nairobi slums alone, while hundreds of thousands were hurt and displaced.
Ethnicity has played an influential role in Kenya politics since independence in 1963, and ethnicity tends to be the significant basis for political decisions.

The Peace Project
The project provides neutral dialouge meetings and carries out voter seminars, educational theatre, and sport and music festivals. These activites will be conducted by local CBOs coordinated by a project management committee comprised of young representatives from different villages and ethnic groups in Kibera. In order to raise awareness on the General Election and prepare young people to participate in the electoral process, the project organizes voter education by local youth trainers.

Our Partners

European Union

Umande Trust


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